Coach Jay, Co-Founder & President

Mr. Jay showing FranCHESSca and Bec'klen opening moves.

Myles Jay is a native from Warren, OH.  In the early years of his life he spent his time at the boxing gym in down town Warren.  At Age 16 Myles had his first amateur fight which he lost, but the next time he stepped into the ring he would walk out with a TKO in the 2nd round.

Around this time Myles started playing chess with his best friend Nino Walker who is also an up and coming amateur boxing star.  Myles and Nino would box and right after boxing practice the two would play a game of chess.  In 2010 Myles would graduate from Warren G Harding and TCTC (Trumbull Career & Tech Center) with a certificate in carpentry.  

Myles’s first job after high school entailed working with young people.  It was entitled, “Career Paths” an after school program located in Niles, Ohio.  He assisted young people in developing good study skills, social skills, and engaged them in various confident building activities.  He then had the opportunity to work with SEIU (Service Employees International Union) where he found he had a passion for grass roots organizing.  This enabled him to advocate for issues such as affordable housing, maintenance issues, and blight in the inner city. 

He also had the opportunity to utilize his vocal ability as he was responsible for organizing various meetings within the greater Warren City areas and work with residents and community officials to improve their living conditions.  In 2012 – 2013 Myles was recruited to work with incumbent Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio.  He worked as a field organizer, and recruited volunteers to assist in making phone calls in support of Senator Brown.  Myles’s diligence, along with the hard work and dedication of other organizers and volunteers enabled Senator Brown to retain his seat in the senate.  A year after high school at a football game, Myles reunited with an old mentor & friend Jeff Butts.  The two chess heads played a game of chess at a middle school football game and again at a coffee shop.  A year later the two would start teaching kids how to play chess through life.  

~Matthew 4:4 It is written.