Coach Jeff, Co-Founder & CEO

Coach Jeff, Co-Founder & CEO

Jeffrey L. Butts
Co-Founder & CEO
Chess Instructor / Mentor / Life Coach
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Like you, expert software engineer, entrepreneur, chess/life coach and youth motivational speaker Coach Jeff “The Real Iron Man” Butts has a strong affinity and desire for the cognitive well-being, development and success of our youth in and outside the classroom.

Is it the strategic use of metaphors and analogies of chess and life?  Is the glass half empty or half full or is it positive thinking and the ability of always “Seeing the Liquid in the Glass”?  Is it leadership?  Is it passion to elevate the cultivation of critical thinking of our youth?  Is it a unique teaching approach to focus on more than just the game of chess?  Or, is it simply the manifestation of an implanted dream?

Most people would say “think outside the box” for the answers to these questions.  But with nearly three decades of chess experience, years of coaching children in various sports, over thirteen years of logical and critical thinking as a software developer, speaking to young people any and everywhere he goes and being a loving father and mentor to two children of his own Coach Jeff’s extremely different approach and view on “how” to raise the success of our youth closely resembles the thinking of someone who never once considered or even knew the “box” existed.  In fact, it is his firm belief that the true definition of success is the glimpse of reality inside of a dream.  Success is truly a state of mind and something that can be attained by anyone depending on the perspective of what it means to them personally.

lifelong resident of Warren Ohio, Coach Jeff has a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems and has served as a Senior Software Engineer consultant for over 15 years, which ultimately led to this self-made entrepreneur Teaching two cohorts of the Cleveland Codes Software Developer's Academy at Tri-C Metro Campus and becoming the Co-Founder of the start-up company CellPh-Check-In along with co-founding Chess is Life and The CIL Institute of Critical & Strategic Thinking and C.O.D.E. Base Warriors.  And though it’s not too conventional with most Computer Information Systems majors, he minored in Psychology, bringing together a strong logical tech-like background with the mental fortitude, passion and comprehension of an individual who understands and can truly relate to children with an empathetic view that allows him to captivate young minds.  Coach Jeff is a true leader in every sense of the word, and he has what he refers to as the 4D’s of success (Determination, Dedication, Discipline and Drive) necessary to elevate the “CRITICAL THINKING” of our youth.