The Ghost

My favorite hobby/hobbies?
I love drawing comic books I've always treated that game step by step I just didn't know I was playing chess drawing as well and what you don't think you see is also there you just have to find it. 

My favorite singer/artist/song(s)?
All genres of music.. 

My favorite food?
Sausage cheese and potatoes..

My favorite movie?
Pawn sacrifice. It shows what you need mentality to perfect your chess game.

One thing people don't know about me?
I love to think out loud. It throws my opponent off and it gives me a slight advantage in the middle or endgame in anything.

What have I learned from C.H.E.S.S I.S. L.I.F.E. and from playing chess?
I've learned to be more patient with various things. Not only has this organization changed my life, but my studies in school are also improving just like my chess game. "Don't move until you see it" is the strongest quote from the organization what you think you see is there you just have to find it. What you don't think you see is also there you just have to find it. Chess gives you a mental edge with the people around you and there's an art in chess that most people have to find on their own. Not just in your wins but in your losses too. Those losses will help you see the mistakes in the future. All in all, chess is a game that helps people find the truth. It's already helped me immensely, and it can help u too.

A.K.A. - "The Ghost"