Our History

Our vision and thoughts of formulating an organization to promote chess in the community and in education all started at a 7th & 8th grade football game with a very spirited challenge presented to one of our Co-Founders (Jeff Butts) by our other Co-Founder (Myles Jay). And let's just say Mr. Jay, a very talented and intelligent young man, was definitely set on teaching Mr. Butts a few things about the game.

Most scholars, educators and parents will all agree that "it takes a village to raise a child" and in the grand scheme of the overall education of a young mind, our Chess is Life program is a piece of the puzzle in the "village" that is meant to be a tool to aide and assist the instruction and education of our children.  

We began thinking and imagining what it would be like if we could get children to see chess as more than just a game, where the game in and of itself starts to subliminally teach them and help them develop skills like critical thinking, strategy, analytical thinking, pattern recognition and everyday life skills like problem solving, self-confidence, patience, concentration, self-development, and thinking things through thoroughly before reacting. In other words, "don't move until you see it"...or like Grandma use to say "think before you speak"!

We are teaching C.H.E.S.S. in four different schools, starting a pilot after-school program at a library in the fall, planning a tournament and field trip for our students to visit the LARGEST C.H.E.S.S. collection in the WORLD and this is only the beginning of our L.I.F.E. coaching sessions.  Our goal is to reach and affect "One Million Children".