Our vision and thoughts of formulating an organization to promote chess in the community and in education all started at a 7th & 8th grade football game with a very spirited challenge presented to one of our Co-Founders (Jeff Butts) by our other Co-Founder (Myles Jay). And let's just say Mr. Jay, a very talented and intelligent young man, was definitely set on teaching Mr. Butts a few things about the game.

Quite some time has passed since that initial meeting and no one knows for sure the outcome of this game, but it has been rumored to be classified G17 and stored away deep in the vaults of Area 57. We do know, however, that Mr. Jay's affinity for the game has increasingly grown over the years and he has been very receptive and open to learning more about the concept of “Chess is Life”!

Mr. Jay, is not only a partner and Co-Founder of Chess if Life, he is a brilliant young Community Organizer who would do anything in his power to help children succeed by strengthening their education through learning the royal game of chess.

It was the outcome of this game, the willingness, drive and commitment they each share to awaken the critical thinking of our youth today by introducing them to a game that mimics actions & consequences, thus posturing and properly positioning children for this thing we call L.I.F.E.