Hello Jeffrey, Thank you for sharing – what you’re doing inspires me and gives me good ideas that I can incorporate.  I like how you have adult chess and then time for lessons with children. The piece on Susan Polgar’s blog is excellent!  What good press!  I totally agree with you about the parallels between chess and life.

  • David Barrett
  • Ed.D., LPC Counselor
  • Agnew Middle School

Jeff Butts, the business looks more sharp than ever now and the web design looks amazing.  That acronym for C.H.E.S.S. I.S. L.I.F.E. is powerful and it's so beautiful how you crafted that all around how life works and what we all should focus on.  Playing the game is a metaphor for life and plenty of lessons to be learned.  I absolutely love the concept.  You're a caliber above the rest and that's to put it mildy.

  • Jelani Dorsey
  • icanschools.org

Dear Jeffrey, I'd like to say how much Tom and I enjoyed that morning watching you teach chess.  What a wonderful opportunity for the children.  Your gift to them and to the community, as a dynamic and committed teacher, is invaluable.  Best wishes to you, to the children, and to Chess is Life.  What a wonderful idea.

  • Mary Ann Rishel
  • Emerita Professor, Department of Writing
  • Ithaca College