Lady CHESSca

My favorite hobby/hobbies?
Playing chess, writing songs, singing, writing stories, books, etc. etc.  I like to write a lot. 

My favorite singer/song(s)?
ONE of my favorite songs is Heaven Can wait By: Michael Jackson.  My FAVORITE Singer/ Songwriter/ Musician is Michael Jackson! =) 

One thing people don't know about me?
One thing most people don't know about me are I like to write songs.  (My parents don't even know…lol.) 


What have I learned from C.H.E.S.S I.S. L.I.F.E. and from playing chess?
I have learned in chess that on every move you have to think very gravely on the board.  It may seem that you are winning or losing, but one move can turn it all around.  I’ve also learned to count how many attackers you have on the board, then to count how many defending pieces you have. 

Working my way up to one of the Knights of the Round Table with Chess Is Life I have learned that everyone had to start somewhere and you shouldn't put yourself down because even if you lose you always learn from your mistakes, then there's a possibility you will do better next time around.  Everything started with a dream; you just need to work it out to make it reality instead of something you only see when you go to sleep, but never see when you wake up.  

Even when you are not playing chess, you actually are playing chess because there are many ways that chess reflects on life.  For example, before you cross the street you must look both ways.  Well, in chess before you move a piece you must look EVERYWHERE first.  If you do not, on the board your piece may get taken, you may be checked or even checkmated.  In life if you do not look before crossing the street, you could be injured as if you were getting checked or your piece was taken. Then mated!  Well sadly...I think we all know.