Sir Inks-Calibur

My favorite hobby/hobbies?
For my favorite hobby would have to be PC gaming, and I say this not because I get a ton of games for the PC but because I have three or four games that I enjoy playing with friends.  

My favorite singer/song(s)?
That is a tough one but I'll have to say Ed Sheeran. 

My favorite food?
Let's start off with saying I have eaten a plethora of foods from roasted lamb to grilled octopus caught from the Mediterranean Sea, but my favorite would have to be buffalo wings slathered with Tai "R" Cracker sauce from Quaker Steak and Lube.

My favorite movie?
That is easily "The Fault in our Stars", which I have just seen the 12th of June.

One thing people don't know about me?
This was a feat I'm proud of and it is back in between August 2011 and a year later in August 2012 I almost traveled enough miles to go around the world twice.

What have I learned from C.H.E.S.S I.S. L.I.F.E. and from playing chess?
I have learned a great deal of things from chess and Chess is Life!  Not specifically chess moves like "The Curry", but instead the applications to life it has, hence the name Chess is Life.  People may not agree with me but all you have to do is look and you shall find.  Chess is about balance and that is one of the reasons grey is my favorite color.  Life is balance and you will always see the white and black but it takes the most important tool that everyone who reads this has is logic and with logic you can see the grey.  Application is everywhere and the only barricade in your way of seeing application is not thinking about it and not applying logic, and that is the tool that should be used 24/7.  Chess is Life uses application to an extent not usually used, heck even Kasparov wrote a book about life and chess. Good bye and remember, apply the grey.