Our Mission

Applying Successful Strategies From The Board To Your Everyday Life

At Chess is Life, we believe that chess is more than just a strategic game in a battle of war and wit.  It is a proven learning tool that can assist with the development of critical thinking, cognitive thinking, concentration, logical thinking, memory, endurance, self-discipline, and everyday life skills like self-confidence, patience, self-development, problem solving and thinking things through thoroughly before reacting.  “Don’t move until you see it.


crit·i·cal think·ing

"The objective analysis and evaluation to form a judgment.  The process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion."

cog·ni·tive func·tion

"Refers to a person’s ability to process thoughts.  An intellectual process by which one becomes aware of, perceives, or comprehends ideas.  It involves all aspects of perception, thinking, reasoning, and remembering."




Teaching children L.I.F.E. lessons and how to think critically through C.H.E.S.S. that EVERY move we make on the board has a purpose and consequence just like EVERY move we make in life.




Getting children to adopt our fundamental and underlying core belief that "the true definition of success is the glimpse of reality inside of a dream" and understand the analogous nature of chess as it relates to life. 

C.H.E.S.S. I.S. L.I.F.E.
Cognitive High-level Enhancement of Successful Strategies
Inspiring Students in
Long-term Intrinsic Focus on the Endgame




To cultivate the elevation of critical thinking and cognitive function of young minds by promoting chess in the community and in education.



Being successful is a dream shared by all children and with our philosophy “Chess is Life” along with our unique approach to focus on more than just the game of chess, we have seen a tremendous amount of success working with children in after-school programs, libraries, our chess club at the mall food court, summer enrichment programs and downtown Courthouse Square in Warren, OH.

We dare kids to spread their wings and fly by adopting our fundamental and underlying core belief that “The true definition of success is the glimpse of reality inside of a dream!”