Chess is Life
“If I pay attention to life and pay attention to time
Will I figure out the thoughts perplexed in my mind? 
In life, things aren't always what they seem
For the true definition of SUCCESS is the glimpse of reality inside of a dream!”





From a Pawn to a King
From a pawn to a king on the board, on my side is a sword.  Can’t nobody pluck my crown
When the game begins, I’m destined to win cause I can flip the universe upside down
I hear this voice in my head from the choices I read on the board and I wouldn’t miss this fight
Like a phoenix from the ashes I rise there’s no fear in my eyes for I have the strength of 20 bishops and knights
Is this truly spoken word or is it really absurd all this arrogance he’s preachin?
Stand FIRM and don’t doubt, FEEL the words comin outta my mouth!  This is CONFIDENCE I’m speakin!!!
{Start here and let your own words just flow…}

New Year's Resolution:
To elevate the critical thinking of our youth!